Predictably Scale Your E-Commerce Brand Through Paid Advertising.

Our system helps direct to consumer
e-commerce brands increase sales by 20-40% profitably every 16 weeks, while saving time in the process.

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12-Month Revenue Earned
Average Client ROAS
Average Increase In  Sales
Average Decrease In CPAs

Have You increase your budget and watch in shock as your ROAS rapidly plummets… Why is that?

You see, in order to effectively spend more on ads (and reap profitable results)certain processes and best practices must be followed.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to consistently grow online!

That’s why we developed the 3 Month Pilot Program to take your 7-figure e-commerce brand to the next level.

You’ll receive:

✅ Complete paid media management and support

✅ A custom 90-day success game plan

✅ A dedicated account rep with weekly check-ins

✅ Weekly reports with data you can understand

✅ A e-commerce audit to learn from and understand your past results

✅ A complete budget allocation review

✅ Expert copywriting for your ads and landing pages

Included Bonuses:

🎁 Our 100% Money Back Guarantee: We lead you from Point A to Profit… Guaranteed
For the next 90 days we map out and implement a digital marketing plan tailored for your brand.

Didn't earn what we said we would? You’ll get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

🎁 24/7 Agency Support: Running ads on any online platform can be daunting!

Our expert team walks you through the entire process and answers all your digital media questions 24/7.
Any question. Any time.

From campaign management to creative production and copywriting, get ready to be blown away. Our experienced team wakes up every morning with one thing on their mind – producing campaigns that make you money.

We’re giving you everything you need so you can stop stressing about advertising day after day. Now you can let go and actually enjoy working on your business!

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Find Your Perfect Customer

Don’t waste money selling to the wrong people!

Our team maps out your ideal customer through the use of historical marketing data, market research, and extensive customer statistics.

Customer Conversion Machine

Having trouble getting purchases?
Our ads and landing pages follow the customer journey to spark interest at just the perfect time.
This leads to more conversions and sales for your brand.

Constant Optimization

We make a good ad even better.
Our process tests landing page modifications, ad copy variations, and creative adjustments to lower your cost per purchase, strengthen click through rates, and attract more customers.

Get The Most Out of Every Customer

Increase your customer Lifetime Value!Maximize your profits and earnings by utilizing your current customer list.
Our system keeps customers engaged while encouraging them to buy more from your brand.

Total Tracked 90 Day Sales
Total Purchases
Average 90 Day ROAS
Total Tracked 90 Day Sales
Decrease In CPA
Average 90 days ROAS
Total Tracked 90 Day Sales
Total Increase In Sales
Content Views
Total Tracked 90 Day Sales
Number of new customers
Average 90 Day ROAS
Total Tracked Sales
Doubled ROAS In 24 Days
Decrease in CPC

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Scale Faster and More Consistently

Our Magic Formula Works

Shopify Results

Proven Growth Strategy

Our proprietary strategy is designed specifically for DTC 7 figure e-commerce brands.

Omnichannel Approach

We utilize an omni-channel approach to maximize your reach and efficiency through all possible channels.

Continuous Optimization

We continuously monitor your growth while making the necessary changes to maximize efficiency.

Scale Your Brand Like A Rocketship!

As we achieve the results you expect, we scale your campaigns in a way that makes sense for your brand.

Proud Partners With Over 20 Million In Revenue Generated
For Our 40+ Clients On These Platforms..

Client Satisfaction Is Our Only Option

"Huge shout out to Dean and the team at DTC Paid Ads. We've come leaps and bounds over the last 12 months. We can count on Dean and his team to be consistent and we are excited to do business with Dean for years to come.
Aden Omnet | Adens Tyres Co.
Dean has been a leader in the DTC space since I remember. He brings a fresh outlook in an e-commerce space that I feel gets stagnant quickly. He’s always been solution focused and gets ahead of the obstacle before they arise. Highly recommend Dean for your brand, he’ll take care of you and treat you like his only brand.
Joshua Johnston | 321 Pocket Ops
For the last few years, we've always struggled to consistently earn sales on Facebook. We've worked with other agencies and nobody was ever able to crack the code. Dean and his team at DTC Paid Ads have been able to help us see consistent and scalable results.
John C.
DTC Paid Ads has helped us reach out KPIs more that twice as fast as any other agency promised. Dean and his team are awesome! They are incredibly knowledgable and their communication is top notch. If anybody is looking for a paid media agency, DTC Paid Ads should be your only choice!
Don Amen | Minutemen Coffee Co.

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